Last Minute Photo Contest Entry

I found out about the Toronto Urban Photography Festival last minute and here are the images I selected for my submission ($20). The theme is “Vacant Crowded City.”

Each of these photos was taken on a different shoot in a different location in the City of Toronto. Toronto is a densely populated urban centre, but this series is designed to highlight how easy it is to be isolated in a city surrounded by people.

This first photograph was taken under the Gardiner Expressway, a major artery, where people speed from one location to another in their vehicles, not interacting with each other during their trips. The sidewalk underneath is deserted because of the hostile environment created by the highway.

This second photograph is a group of human shadows framed by the feet of the people they represent. The photographs includes only the shadows of people, and not the people themselves, showing that although the street might be filled with people, only their shadows might interact.

This third photograph is of a parking garage, normally a busy location in Dufferin Mall, but recently devoid of people. What happens in vacant space once the populace have retreated to their homes?


Leather Triangle Inset Cuff

This is a variation on a previous commissioned bracelet. Changes include a wider cuff, larger inset triangles, different coloured leather and snap. This one’s a commission for Katie, thanks a ton girl, and I hope you enjoy!

The Culprit: no name Pizza Sauce

What to do with leftover pizza sauce. Make a sauce! I simmered it with:

  • cocoa powder
  • about a cup of white wine
  • dregs of a bottle of hot sauce
  • splash of whiskey
  • star anise
  • cloves
  • tamarind
  • brown sugar

Pair with Canadian brown lentils and a touch of rendered belly bacon fat.

Found Belly Bacon + Accidental Maple Syrup Fermentation

The star of the show is vac-packed belly bacon found frozen to the ground after a farmer’s market. Here it is garnishing thick tomato mayo triangular multigrain canape appetisers. My obsession with geometry evidently extends to the kitchen.

Not pictured is a Canadian brown lentil, stone-milled corn meal polenta cooked in some of the rendered belly bacon fat, with chunks of belly bacon, ground pepper, sea salt, and anise infused fermented maple syrup. I stored the maple syrup in a jar which had some anise crumbs leftover, then let it sit at room temperature for a couple weeks. The (partial) fermentation was totally accidental, but is seriously cool.

Leather triangle inset snap bracelet

I made this bracelet from two layers of shaped leather. The exterior layer of leather has cutouts filled with handpainted neon orange leather triangles. A dandy snap to finish it off and voila, we have a unique statement bracelet. This one goes to Amos, thanks for the commission! Always a pleasure.

Japanese Tie-Dye: Shibori

This is my improvised take on Arashi Shibori, an ancient Japanese tie-dyeing technique involving wrapping the fabric around a pole on the diagonal, wrapping with string, and bunching the fabric down the pole. I haphazardly wrapped the fabric around lengths of twisted up garbage bag “pole” so that the entire thing would fit coiled in a stock pot. I did not bunch the fabric down the garbage bag because it proved impossible to do so. Wet canvas is heavy and stiff!

Tied up and twisted raw undyed canvas

I wanted to go traditional and use indigo dye but was out of a key ingredient, and I was impatient to get it done that day. So instead I went with Procion MX, a cold water fibre reactive dye, in a similar blue.

Fresh out of the dye bath

With the string bindings removed

Unfurled canvas in all its glory

Closeup of the dyed canvas

Blue Marbled Cube & Red Teardrop Necklaces

These will soon be available in my Etsy shop!

Freshwater Pearl Rope Necklaces

These will soon be available in my Etsy shop!

Protruberances (alleys, part 4)

A curated selection of photos from exploring the graffitied alleys below Queen West, Toronto (see part one, part two, and part three).

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Solid Brass Hexagon Tube Jewellery

Today I got the job of customising some jewellery pieces for the lovely Alexie of My energyXchange! Included are some new concepts with solid brass hexagon tubes and leather handmade triangle pendants that I haven’t published yet. Here they are pictured, and for lack of a model, so am I.

Several months ago I bought out the Home Hardware of these solid brass hex tubes and left with their promise that they’d contact me when they had more in stock. Today they still have none, so I’ve started buying their stock of shorter tubes pictured here.